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Definitions of Guna

Why this name?

In the Indian philosophical system, Guna means the three constitutive qualities of material nature, through the Guna theory all aspects of psychological, esoteric and phenomenological reality are explained. The Guna are in fact divided into three functional categories: Sattva: brightness, awareness, wisdom, health, brightness, virtue, peace, calm, happiness, life. Rajas: passion, activity, excitement, desire, egoism, attachment, oscillation, instability, pain. Tamas: ignorance, darkness, indolence, laziness, inertia, stillness, illusion, apathy, indifference, death. The three Gunas can be found identical in every aspect of existence: in nature and in life as in all states of consciousness. Thus, when Sattva prevails, human consciousness is characterized by a state of serenity and mental clarity; when Rajas is predominant, consciousness becomes active, dynamic, volitive and full of energy; when Tamas prevails, the conscience is inert, immersed in apathy and torpor. The latter in fact corresponds to the earth element and represents inertia, condensation, solidification.


guna - APANi - Torre guaceto

an exclusive place to enjoy your summer in Puglia.


Salento, Land of sun and color.

Guna Beach Club is located near the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto. A natural lawn terrace that pours into the sea, equipped with: Sunbeds, Beach umbrellas, private gazebos, Wellness area, American Bar, a restaurant with open-air kitchen, Sports Area, Dog Beach, Botanical Garden, Events area and much more. Discover the beauty of our facility, take a VIRTUAL TOUR.

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